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Mundo LogoMundo Finance is all about you, with our suite of lending products. Enabling you to match your requirements to the product that suits your needs. From helping innovative entrepreneurs to
achieve their dreams to allow parents to pay for their children’s school fees. So choose your loan your way or as we like to say: Ýour world, redefined’.
Partnering with you to grow together…
Innovative entrepreneurs are the building blocks of strong economies. We’re here to make sure all the pieces fit in place. Traditional lending neglects the needs of many individuals and businesses with great potential for growth. We’re focused on clearing a path for these enterprises by eliminating the red tape that often gets in the way.

We offer creative and flexible terms on secured and unsecured loans to individuals, small business owners and companies. Our approach involves understanding your circumstances and
developing tailored financial strategies to help you reach your long-term goals. Whether you’re trying to fund commercial transactions or provide your staff with personal loans,

Mundo can design a solution for you.

JN Small Business Loans

JNSBLJN Small Business Loans Limited (JNSBL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Jamaica National Group. JNSBL believes fully in the spirit and innovativeness of Jamaicans and is committed to delivering affordable and timely credit to assist entrepreneurs, with limited access to credit from traditional banking sources, to achieve their potential. Using the most modern and cutting edge technology, as well as best practices, to promote accessibility and efficiency, JNSBL has, since the year 2000, transformed the lives of thousands
of Jamaicans by driving the creation and maintenance of thousands of jobs through the disbursement of loans valued at billions of dollars.  JNSBL recognises the importance of small and micro entrepreneurs to the Jamaican economy and offers a range of products and services through its 30 locations across the island to position micro and small business owners to expand their operations; increase income and improve the quality of their lives, while supporting the development of Jamaica. Our products include easy-to-access micro and small business loans, personal loans and motor vehicle financing that allows entrepreneurs to expand their ventures, enhance their lives and develop the communities in which they operate.
JSNBL maintains strong partnerships with government agencies and multilateral funds, as well as local private sector institutions and continues to expand its reach by using targeted
communication tools and strategies to improve the flow of information about its products and services and the availability of affordable financing.  At JNSBL, all clients can expect to be treated with respect and dignity and we strive to provide the most flexible solutions to meet their needs. 

JNSBL believes in Jamaica and is here to support the entrepreneurial venture of Jamaicans!

Direct Capital Funding

DirectDirect Capital Funding offer loans to provide our customers with direct access to the financial
capital needed to facilitate their dreams.
Our loan products are personal loans, micro business loans, pay-day loans, education loans and
funeral loans. We value our customers and their experience with us therefore, it is our goal to
always provide fast, reliable and efficient service in a safe environment.
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Direct Capital Funding
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Caribbean Money Lenders

CMLCaribbean Money Lenders is a Micro Finance Lending Company committed to building mutually beneficial and lasting relationships with our customers.
Built on the simple concept of convenience, Caribbean Money Lenders (CML) aims to meet clients at the point of their needs. Through the delivery of first class service, we provide you with
the opportunity to build an excellent credit relationship with us, a relationship that sits on the twin pillars of integrity and communication. -
Loans offered are personal loans and pay day loans

CaribCash Jamaica Ltd

carib cash logoThe brainchild of Robert Tonge, a prominent Dominican insurance broker and businessman, now turned government Minister in the field of Tourism, our story began in the Commonwealth of Dominica. Initially branded as just FastCash, the company was founded in 2004; then in the face of growth years later, rebranded to be called The FastCash Caribbean Group of Companies. FastCash was created to provide small cash advances to clients who needed quick and easy access to funds. Over the years, we’ve stayed true to form, consistently providing the highest standard of customer service while fulfilling our function which is to ensure a positive financial outcome for our customers.

Ushering a new era of financing, CaribCash is a regional financial institution dedicated to
providing high quality and innovative macro and micro financial solutions for underserved
financial markets.